Privacy Promise

The SocialRebel Privacy Promise!

The SocialRebel Privacy Promise

Our whole premise is built upon putting real people first. We understand the growing concerns around privacy and want to make it clear that what we're building is, in some ways an answer, to that.

The SocialRebel Website:

The SocialRebel website only operates when you have signed up to the SocialRebel service and agreed to the terms and conditions. If you not wish to sign up the app will not operate or send any data. SocialRebel website doesn't send personal user data.

  • The website doesn't send or store your Personal Data.
  • If you use SocialRebel website, you browsing activity is also encrypted.
  • All communication between the SocialRebel website and our servers is encrypted. Not even we can see your data.
  • We do not track any other browsing activity.

We promise:

  • We don't store any data on your general browsing habits.
  • We do not track pages you view on website.
  • We are 100% respectful of your browser privacy settings. The website does not operate in incognito or privacy mode.
  • We do not access or alter in any way your browsers' settings, cookies or other private information

We want SocialRebel to be unique in its approach to business. We want to give people something that they can trust, value and ultimately get the same rewards as big brands do through your time spent online. We're constantly looking to improve, so if you have any recommendations of concerns, please email us at [email protected].

More information about how we collect and process your data is available in our privacy policy.

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